CHRISTINA DE MINK, Stones Corner/Camp Hill Brisbane

I started as a Boot Camps Australia member back in 2004 I can honestly say that Boot Camps Australia has changed my life. After training with all the fantastic trainers I realised how much fun would it be to work with Korey and the team! I gave up my job sitting behind a desk all day and decided I wanted to run my own Boot Camps Australia sessions. The support that I have had from Korey, Brian and the rest of the team is amazing. Boot Camps Australia has a fantastic product that I honestly believe in (I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think so!) I get to work with a great group of people, as well as members who I love to see set, and achieve all there health and fitness goals. I have never had this much FUN! with any other job... if you love running around and having fun, are interested in your health and fitness and would love to have flexibility at work, then this is the best job (if you can call it that) ever!

LINO HOLA - Redland Bay, Brisbane

For me, joining the Boot Camps Australia team has been a life changing experience! Korey and Brian have together built a great business that I am proud to be a part of. Before joining the team, I was a qualified personal trainer doing casual labouring and working in factories, which was only a means to an end. Now I’m a member of a great product that allows me to do what I love, help people believe and achieve through health and fitness. The support, help, and guidance Korey and Brian give me makes my choice of becoming an affiliate member of Boot Camps Australia, the best decision I’ve ever made! Making a living on my own terms. The bonus is, they’re not bad fellas either

KENT PUMPA - Formerly Rockhampton/Gladstone/Yeppoon, QLD

Hi my name is Kent Pumpa, I'm the former owner of the Rockhampton/Gladstone/Yeppoon camps of Boot Camps Australia, the best group personal training company in the wolrd. I built the business up to an awesome standard and decided to sell it as a going concern so I could learn more about the industry and further my career by moving down to Brisbane and becoming a part of the Boot Camps Australia Head Office team. Being a part of this dynamic team with some of the greatest personal trainers I've ever had the pleasure of working with is awesome! My own career has sky rocketed out of control since I came aboard in 2005, my own Bot Camps Australia Personal Training business has doubled in size and my client base continues to grow. The support and encouragment from the team is fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone! So why are you still thinking about it? Call Now!


I joined the fantastic team at Boot Camps Australia in March 2005, since then I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. It has really been a very successful and FUN journey which would not have been possible without Korey, Brian and all the other affiliate members. They are always there to give all the necessary training, support and everyday guidance. Korey and Brian have developed a great product which helps us, help everyday people, achieve their health and fitness goals. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the results our members achieve each month, and the excitement on their faces as they continue to strive and achieve is truly fulfilling. I am glad I took the challenge to become part of Boot Camps Australia…. It has definitely been a positive step in my life.


We have been a part of Boot Camps Australia since March 2005. Korey and Brian have always been there to answer our questions which has enabled us to grow into a very successful business. They are constantly looking at how we can all grow the business with new and innovative ideas. Through their support and encouragement we nearly trippled our enlistee intake within 2 months of opening, and are continueing to increase our numbers. The support of the other members is amazing, at any stage I am able to contact them about challenges we may be experienceing, they are always willing to help, and their thoughts are very valuable, it's great to have the friendships that we have at Boot Camps Australia. Boot Camps Australia has allowed us to inspire our members and help change their lives to enable them to achieve results they never thought possible, and the best thing is they keep coming back for more with all their friends!! 

JAMES SUTCLIFFE - Rushcutters Bay, NSW

Since coming into the Boot Camps Australia family & owing my own affiliate, I have only experienced help & support from everywhere to help me grow & succeed in my boot camps affiliate & personal training business. There is a great network within the Boot Camps Australia & one of the best training providers with everything fitness & business that I have needed, to help me fast track my fitness career.

KOSTA BOMBOLAS - Indooroopilly/Toowong, Bellbowrie, Kenmore, Paddington QLD 

 Hello, my name is Kosta Bombolas (19 years old) and I am the affiliate owner of Bootcamps Australia West-Brisbane. I own three affiliates distributed across the following suburbs in Brisbane- Indooroopilly, Toowong, Bellbowrie, Kenmore, Paddington, Milton. I am also a full-time personal trainer operating out of the New Farm studio.
Managing 60 members and my full-time PT can be stressful however thanks to the Bootcamps Australia systems and supportive team of fitness professionals I am able to manage all of the above and live an enjoyable and exciting life! BOOTCAMPS AUSTRALIA IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!!!"


ANTHONY VIDLER - Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Owning a Bootcamps Australia affiliate was a great way a hassle free way for myself to move from a sole trading business as a sub-contracting personal trainer to owning my own operation, it has also proven to be a great supplementation to the my personal training studio generating fantastic revenue and providing my trainers with many new PT clients, the affiliate program provides great value for money with head office continually providing quality ongoing training, marketing and industry presence. Since commencing operations in February 2011 we have grown to in excess of 125 members and 5 full time Personal Trainers.

JESSICA WADD - Mt Gravatt/Springwood, Carindale/Whites Hill, Oxley/Springfield Lakes QLD 

When I first started in the fitness industry I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that I loved fitness and the outdoors. Coming from a pastry chefing back ground it was a whole other world. Starting as a trainer in at head office definitely helped with the transition into full time personal training. All of the trainers there were more than willing to help me along that path, and all contributed to what I am today. Kent and his team of trainers have a developed an atmosphere that makes you feel like family immediately.

After personal training at Head Office for 12 months I decided it was time to push myself and run my own affiliate. After all of the training and systems that I received I felt I was well equipped to go out on my own. So I headed out to Springwood and Mt Gravatt and made my mark. About two months later an opportunity came up to buy the Carindale/Whites Hill area, and I just couldn't refuse. I then aquired the Oxley/Springfield lakes affiliate not long after that. So in about 5 months I had gone from no affiliates to three, and always looking at the possibility for more!! I now have 6 personal trainers working under me and 70 members in all of my camps.

Yes I'm busy, and I work long hours, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I thoroughly enjoy helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I am my own boss, I make my own hours and I earn as much as I want to earn. With the support and family atmosphere from the team at Boot Camps Australia there is no way that the affiliate wouldn't work, so why not give it a go?!?!?


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